International Advisory Committee

The International Advisory Committee (IAC) is an advisory body of HSE which monitors and measures the University’s progress towards improving its international competitiveness among leading global educational and research centres.

The IAC’s primary functions include:

·         evaluating HSE’s strategy,

·         monitoring HSE development,

·         providing strategic counsel by advising on HSE's internationalization policy 

Members of the International Advisory Committee

Candidates to members of the Committee, including the Chairman of the Committee, are approved by the Academic Council of the University following nomination by the Rector of HSE. All changes to the composition of the Committee are approved by the Academic Council of HSE upon presentation by the Rector and upon approval by the Chairman of the Committee.

Eric Maskin

Committee Chairman

Adams University Professor at Harvard University.
Nobel laureate in Economics, 2007.
Eric Maskin is the author of works on agricultural economics, social choice theory, entrepreneurship, finance, the history and philosophy of economics, industrial organization, international trade, rights and intellectual property, microeconomics, public economics, public finance, innovational economics, technology and industrial dynamics.
Founding Director, Center for International Higher Education at Boston College. Philip Altbach is one of the most renowned experts in higher education.
Chair of the Department of Government at Harvard University. The areas of Timothy Colton's research interests include Russian and post-Soviet government and politics.
Policy Advisor to the Higher Education Authority (Ireland) Emeritus Professor and Director, Higher Education Policy Research Unit (HEPRU), Dublin Institute of Technology. Holds a joint appointment as Policy Advisor to the Higher Education Authority (HEA), and Director, Higher Education Policy Research Unit (HEPRU), Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland). She is also President of EAIR (European Higher Education Society) and Chairperson of the EU Expert Group on Science Education (2014), and on the Management Board of the ESRC/HEFCE Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE), at the Institute of Education, UCL.
Rector of University of Campinas (Brazil) and a Full Professor at Gleb Wataghin Physics Institute at the University of Campinas.
Francisco Marmolejo

Education Advisor, Qatar Foundation
Senior Fellow at Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement
American Council on Education. An expert on various higher education issues, Patti Peterson is well versed in trends in international higher education, the internationalization of US higher education, college and university administration, governance, and academic programme development.
Stanford Calderwood Director of the Boston Athenæum
Professor in the Department of Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles. Daniel Treisman is a researcher working at the interface of economics, political science, and sociology.
Professor at School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University (China).